Due to the current climate we have received an unprecedented number of enquiries for puppies. So, we feel it would be prudent to offer some guidelines when researching the breed and looking for that new addition to the family.

For the public to stop being duped by irresponsible breeders they would need to have researched the breed through breed dedicated sites such as Breed Clubs and the Kennel Club.

When looking for a puppy please be aware of the following: -

• Responsible breeders seldom take deposits or if they do it is a nominal sum

• Responsible breeders do not take deposits on litters that they expect to have in the future.

• Responsible breeders do not breed unrecognised colours

• Responsible breeders do provide a Kennel Club Registration Certificate, Contract of Sale, Puppy Pack       

   including Diet Sheet and a supply of food.

• The Kennel Club is the only recognised registration board

• Responsible breeders generally charge between £1,700 and £2,500 for puppies that are looking for a 

   family / pet home

Many breeds have been plagued by disreputable breeders producing non-standard colours that have caused health problems in their respective breeds the Pomeranian being one of them. Adverts appear on various puppy sales websites where claims are often made that the colour of such puppies are rare or unique. This phrase is often used as a selling tool to make the purchaser feel they are getting a ‘special’ puppy.  They are easily charmed by a cute looking puppy whatever its colour and many will pay more for a colour they believe to be rare rather than undesirable with the risk off ongoing health related issues.

One such colour is Merle: this colour is not accepted in the Pomeranian and they are ineligible for registration in the UK. Merle does not occur naturally in the breed and comes from cross breeding. Merle also carries the risk of blindness and deafness.

We have been made aware of puppy buyers being asked for exorbitant prices for non-standard coloured puppies that possibly do not exist or are not as the seller advertised.

Claims that puppies are DNA tested to see if they carry the genes for non-standard colours may also be fraudulent.

Third Party Puppy Sales are against the law in the UK under Lucy's Law - This type of sale is often carried out by those importing dogs into the UK. As such you will have no first hand knowledge of the parents or how the puppy has been raised and cared for.  ‘Lucy’s Law’, means that puppies and kittens can no longer be sold in England by a third party seller – such as a pet shop or commercial dealer – unless they have bred the animal themselves. Instead, anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy under six months must either deal directly with the breeder or an animal rehoming centre.

If you would like more advice on the Pomeranian, please do contact our Secretary:

Amanda Orchard   manatek@msn.com   Tel:   01794 522175         (no calls after 9pm please)

Or one of the other Breed Clubs in the UK who will more than willing to help and advise

The Pomeranian Club                                     www.thepomeranianclubuk.weebly.com

The Scottish Pomeranian Club                      www.scottishpomeranian.co.uk

The Pomeranian Club of South Wales          www.thepomeranianclubofsouthwales.com

The Northern Pomeranian Club                    www.thenorthernpomeranianclub.com




PLEASE NOTE: The South of England Pomeranian Club accepts no responsibility for any dogs/puppies homed via information gained from this website. The availability and homing is strictly between the breeder/owner and those looking for a Pomeranian.

Below you will find information of Members that maybe able to help you in your quest in finding a Pomeranian: